Triumph Against All Odds

This book is a real life story of the resilience, determination and triumph of a young African girl born in poverty.

This book is a great illustration of how anyone disadvantaged or not can make it to their desired success.

Synopsis of the Book

This is a true-life story about a girl-child who was orphaned and raised in one of the most neglected areas of Uganda at the time: Karamoja.

Her greatest dream was to get an education but she had to go against many heart-breaking obstacles to achieve that dream. The girl-child grew up in settings that were unknown to those in the urban backgrounds, in the region that was a no-go area for non-natives.

In a culture where girl-child education is not a priority, she managed to get to a university and all, Makerere University, the oldest and premier institution of higher learning in East Africa. The book is characterized by grit, resilience, and determination.

The author brings out clearly the ordeal she went through the gain an education in an environment that was not friendly to a girl-child, worse still for an orphan.

The purpose of the book is to Inspire Hope and Transform lives worldwide through Betty’s life story and experiences with the world.

The book seeks to inspire those in dire circumstances especially in the rural areas to put on determination, resilience, ingenuity, and grit to achieve their personal, family and community goals.